Welcome dear New Year Maratoners!
Registration opens on the 16 September Tango Marathon Budapest is possible through the registration form below. Should you encounter any problems please send us a mail to:
Registration is accepted individually (leader, follower, couple), if you would like to join with your couple you will get %5 discount for each dancer. For a nice tango experience and in order to create the right blend of nationalities and dancers the number of participants as always will be limited. The marathon will be gender balanced meaning that the same number of leaders and followers will be accepted to enjoy the marathon.

Step 1: Register. The arrival of your registration request will be confirmed with an automatic reply.
Step 2: The answer regarding the approval of your registration will be sent to you in a second letter with information regarding the payment details. We will make everything possible to answer you within three weeks. The first set of answers will be posted on the event.
Step 3: As your payment has been finalized you will receive our final confirmation letter. Please make all travel arrangements (booking plane ticket or accommodation) only AFTER receiving the payment confirmation letter.

Registration opens on the 16 September 2022 at 8:00 pm (CET)
For any other question please contact us:
Marathon Terms And Conditions
1. Registration can be made only by the participant and the confirmation is valid only for the registered participant.
2. Currently there are no pandemic regulations in effect, however if this changes, the official regulations will be applied.
3. After confirmation of registration payment should be effectuated within 10 days as detailed in the first confirmation letter. In case of no payment the registration will be canceled. In case of payment difficulties or special requests please contact organizers.
4. In case of cancellation by a participant due to unforeseen difficulties a 90% refund will be possible until the 15 October. In case of cancellation after the 15 October direct refund will not be possible.

Registration fee:
130 EUR which includes
– Entrance to the marathon
– Snacks and Drinks during the Marathon 
– Pre Party + After Party Entrance

-We will play BINGO at NEW YEAR night.
-10 EUR per play card. (You will choose at registration desk)
-You can play up to 2 cards.
For one line: 30 EUR
For two line: 70 EUR
For BINGO (Three line): 100 EUR

Thursday pre-party and Sunday After party will announce soon.

If you feel that you haven’t received your confirmation letter after the post of all confirmation letters being sent has been posted, contact us after making sure you that you have checked your spam folder.

Let’s Join and be a Snow Piece in Budapest at New Year…

Organizer: Volkan Can Demir